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Dating and Safety

  Meet Filipino Singles Dating Safety Hints

MFS offers a secure and fun website where you can meet other singles which are looking for new partners and friends.
All the communications are handled total anonymous by our internal Message system.

We think that all of our members are sincere in finding a partner and/or new friends.

Nevertheless you need to use common sense.
Never give out your private E-mail, telephone number or any personal information until you are convinced.
Ask as many questions as possible in order to get to know the people and wait until at least 7-10 messages are exchanged.
Put your warning lamp on if somebody likes to lurk you away quickly from the protected anonymous secure communication environment which our site provides.
Inform us immediately when somebody ask you for money for whatever reasons.
If somebody tells you about personal disaster and ask you for help. Stop the contact immediately.

Warning: Never ever send or give money to somebody you never met.

Important: If somebody asked for money it is a SCAMMER !!!

Please immediately report the profile name to us. <Click here>

Scammers are easy to detect, they ask for money.
Personal drama, need money for passport or school, etc,...or they want to send you a 'valuable' parcel or gift and you should pay for it. (via Western Union)

Happens very very rarely, but when, please report it to us.
We do not allow it and will react immediately.

If you are convinced that you found a genuine person.

Talk first with that person several times on a regular land line phone not on a mobile phone.
If you plan to meet for the first times.
Meet the first several times at a public place like a coffee shop.
Tell your friends about that meeting, a good idea is, to bring a friend with you for the first meetings or have somebody close by watching you.
If you ever buy an air ticket, make sure it's refundable to you only. As we said at the beginning we are convinced that all our members are genuine people looking for a new partner and friendship. Following our comments and use of common sense should avoid uncertainties.
If you have any more dating tips, pls. let us know.

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