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Communication Section


With this Option you can chat with other Members.
You can also create your own chat room and chat in privacy.
You might use Internet Time (Beat) to arrange a chat Click here.

Chat Window

Select Room

  •                  Switch Room. Switch to another Room e.g. The Loundge, etc...

  •   Create Room. Create a Public or private Room with Password.

Create Room:

After you clicked 'Create Room' the Create Room PopUp Window opens.

Enter a Name for your Chat room.
If you click 'private' and enter a 'Password' only Members which know the Password can join.
In a private chat room nobody else can see what you are chatting with another member.

Chat Menu:

  •   Here you can set your online status to 'I'm here', 'Away', 'Busy' and 'brb' (be right back).

  •   Here you can customize the looks of the Chat Windows.

  •   Click 'Save' to your conversation.

  •   Help (coming soon).

  •   Select an Emotion icon.

  •   Change your Text to 'bold'.

  •   Cange your Text to 'italic'.

  •   Change the colour of your Text.


  Internet Time - Internet Beat

The Internet Beat is a new measure of time, meant especially for the Internet.

It divides the day into 1000 beats of 86.4 seconds each.
It is written with an @ in front of it.

The great advantage of it is that it offers a truly worldwide time, so that people in wildly different timezones can agree to chat to each other e.g. "around @600".

You can use the Internet Time to arrange a chat time with another member.

Current World Wide Internet Time is:

Learn more about Internet Time Click here.


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